Fuchs’ Dystrophy

What is Fuchs’ Dystrophy?

Fuchs’ Dystrophy is a disease that causes the cornea to swell, leading to loss of vision. It affects both eyes and is progressive, which means that this condition worsens over time. While there is currently no cure for Fuchs’ dystrophy, nor is there a way to reverse the damage it causes, treatments to manage the disease are available.

Fuchs’ Dystrophy Cause

There is no known cause of Fuchs’ dystrophy, but often the disorder is inherited and is more common in women. Most people with Fuchs’ dystrophy do not begin to notice changes in their vision until around the age of 50.

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Fuchs’ Dystrophy Treatment

Fuchs’ dystrophy is generally treated with eye drops, ointments, or contact lenses to decrease the swelling in the cornea and provide relief from other symptoms. When the disease becomes advanced and these options can no longer clear the patient’s vision, the only way to restore vision is with cornea transplant surgery.

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Many symptoms of Fuchs’ dystrophy are similar to those experienced by people with cataracts, which is more easily treated but can also significantly impair vision. If you suffer from cloudy or reduced vision, the knowledgeable ophthalmologists at CVP Physicians Dayton can provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatments. Please contact us if you are experiencing symptoms or are seeking treatment for Fuchs’ dystrophy.

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Fantastic Operation. Dr. Jennifer Shade sand staff were super friendly, no waiting [and an] easy operation!!! I recommend them to everyone.”
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